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The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments

Our Blockchain is Better Than Any Other Blockchain

Our service is built on Ethereum Blockchain : NINSA B token is an ERC20 token. Benefit from the reliability of the Ethereum network for NBT ecosystem transactions. NINSA B tokens will be at the heart of the use of our intelligent assistant service : subscription, content proposal, rewards, and more.

The fun and friendly internet currency.


Specifications of NBT


Token Total Supply

Token Decimal

Token circulation supply


How it work

Signals service

Receive alerts of exclusive and high-quality trading signals with +85% of accuracy to trade it yourself on any broker or exchange.

Autotrading System

Automated system compatible with main Crypto exchanges and Forex brokers to connect the algorithm with your account without need to move your funds.


We believe in the importance of a decentralized future, that’s why we want to bring the blockchain to the 99.99%.

Payment Gateway

Exploring a new way of payment with multiple currencies

Open-source network & protocol

Open to all developers and partners to build on the Ninsa B Token network.

Streaming Ecosystem

Ninsa B Tokens work as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate all stakeholders to participate in the DSN.

Our road map

  1. Creation of the idea of NBT Project

  2. -> Ninsa B Token , ERC20 Released

    -> Ninsa B Token, Foundation Established

  3. Infinity Platform

    Cryptic wallet launch

    Cryptic platform opens to 3rd party developer

  4. Ninsa B Token, Integated Hub Release
    Ninsa B Token, Wallet , Ninsa B Token, Assurance

  5. Start Trading

    BTC - 0.00000001
    ETH - 0.00000030



Blockchain Advisors

Steve Dakh CTO at SmartWallet

Steve Dakh was an original developer on the Ethereum project, co-founder and CTO of the KryptoKit team which launched the Rushwallet, and serves as an advisor to numerous blockchain projects such as Aeternity, Po.et, and Polymath. His current project is his most sophisticated wallet project yet, SmartWallet. Steve also serves on the Faculty of Advisors of the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4).

Cebuana Founder CoinMkt, one of the first US bitcoin exchanges

Cebuana is an early entrepreneur and investor player in cryptocurrencies. Travis was the CEO and Cofounder of CoinMKT, one of the first Bitcoin exchanges based in the United States. Operating from 2013 - 2015, CoinMKT achieved tens of thousands of users, millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin traded, and was acquired by ANX Hong Kong in 2015. Travis remains an active investor in the cryptocurrency community and is currently working on releasing his next cryptocurrency-related project. Travis clients have included Occidental Petroleum, The Home Depot, Blinds.com, NBC Universal, and more.

Sebastian Serrano Founder Ripio, first global lending network on blockchain

Sebastian Serrano is a young entrepreneur from Argentina. Starting as a skillful developer at a very early age and then leading a successful web & mobile development startup, Sebastian founded Ripio in 2013, offering Bitcoin wallet services plus credit payments for consumers and a full suite of financial services for merchants. With Ripio, Sebastian and his team aim to democratize digital payments in developing countries.

Ma Haobo CEO of aelf

Ma is the founder and CEO of aelf, a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network, as well as founder and CEO of Hoopox, a technology company that provides vertical industrial solutions from infrastructure to blockchain systems. A blockchain expert and early adopter of digital assets, Ma also previously served as CTO of GemPay and AllCoin. He is a member of Blockchain Experts’ Commission of Chinese Institute of Electronics.

Fan Zhang Founding member, Sequoia Capital China

Fan Zhang is a pioneer in the venture capital industry in China. He previously served as a Founding Member of Sequoia Capital China, and a Director of DFJ ePlanet Ventures' China practice. Mr. Zhang has extensive experience investing into emerging technologies since 2001, and has been ranked multiple times by Forbes as one of leading venture capitalists in its annual China's Midas List.

Shoucheng Zhang Founder Danhua Capital

Shoucheng Zhang (Chinese: 张首晟; born 1963) is the JG Jackson and CJ Wood professor of physics at Stanford University. He is a condensed matter theorist known for his work on topological insulators,[1] quantum spin Hall effect, spintronics, quantum Hall effect and high temperature superconductivity. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received the Guggenheim fellowship in 2007, the Alexander von Humboldt research prize in 2009, the Europhysics prize in 2010, the Oliver Buckley prize in 2012, the Dirac Medal and Prize in 2012, the Physics Frontiers Prize in 2013, the “Nobel-class” Citation Laureates by Thomson Reuters in 2014[2] and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in 2015. He is identified as one of the top candidates for the Nobel Prize by Thomson Reuters in 2014.[3] He has been elected as the member of the National Academy of Science in 2015. Mr. Zhang is also the founding chairman of Danhua Capital, a VC fund that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage company with disruptive technology/business model, big market and excellent team.


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